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About us

Lerenhandgreepjes is a trusted family business specializing already since 1981 in the production of timeless quality leather and handles in matching leather products. Through our years of experience and passion we combine today on the latest trends in several sustainable elements from the European Union. Think basic handles in leather but also more luxurious products and components. To make our luxurious leather handles in complete, we work with the best designers in the country. They use brands like Swarovski and Jolie to just that extra touch to our leather handles in.

Applications of leather handles in

This passion and experience has meant that we now have a large database handles in learning and examples of various applications of trendy leather at home. For example, replace the old-fashioned iron kitchen door handles these trendy and timeless handles in order to give it a natural look. Or go for a trendy towel hanger in the bathroom! If you have other ideas than the examples we have in our shop? That is not a problem: we look together with you the possibilities that are within your budget.

Why choose Lerenhandgreepjes?

Our personal approach is to obtain every item in different sizes and quantities. This all for a reasonable price. We look happy to work with you to your needs so that we can make a product that perfectly matches your taste. Here we take the trend of the moment, of course, in mind. We only use sustainable products: we have all the environmental licenses needed to produce durable leather handles in. We strive for a better environment and so a better world and believe it is important that our products radiate. Our products are from € 25.00 excluding B.T.W. free shipping.



- Creative since 1981

- Trendy, personal and team player

- Years of experience

- Low prices

- Durable products

- For nearly 35 years, familiar

- All environmental licenses available


We see a cooperation with you forward to!

Creative since 1981


Robijnborch 3

5241LK Rosmalen

The Netherlands

Tel. no. 0031-73-6106210

[email protected]


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